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Now will be only possible to book online




It will no longer be possible to book via fax or email; instead, it will be required to use the new, easy and intuitive online process, which is currently available on this Internet site and can already be used:


in order to register,

click :


in order to pass on to bookings after registration

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Companies can book by logging in with their own email and password, and by entering in advance all the information needed to receive the appropriate receipt.

The new computerized system allows you to significantly shorten booking times, enabling users to book their own seat until the day before arrival.

The reservation, however, will be effective only upon payment of the expected price, which can only be made online by credit card, from the usual section of our website.

The rates that will be applied will remain unaltered for those who book online, while for those who attend the Check Point without any reservation will increase to € 160.00 for the first day and € 85.00 for each day after the first in high season and € 130.00 for the first day and € 70.00 for each day after the first in low season.

The technical data that must be provided in the booking form are: bus' number plate, requested berth, arrival date and time, departure date and time and all the details needed to obtain the appropriate receipt.

As soon as the reservation is completed with the payment (please note that you can only pay by credit card), you can download and print the invoice or receipt and the voucher identifying the reservation to be presented at the Check Point.

Until you have received your permission at the Check Point, the company that has booked can still make, through our website, changes to the booking data and precisely can change: the license plate of the vehicle and if still available, the choice of berth and the time of arrival and departure.

Once you have reached the Check Point, the person in charge of the vehicle (the driver) must present the voucher identifying the reservation to the staff of Siena Parcheggi, which will print out the permit, which cannot be modified anymore.

If, for any reason, the company has a sudden need to change the bus, it should not forget to go back to the portal of Siena Parcheggi and change the number plate inserted, in order to be able to obtain the new permit at the Check Point.

The staff at the Check Point does not have the right to change the license plate, this procedure can only be performed by the company that owns the reservation; Siena Parcheggi will print and deliver to the driver the permit that will be already filled in.

If a bus arrives at the Check Point with a different number plate from the one included in the reservation and shown on the voucher, it will not be accepted. In this case, the driver (responsible for the vehicle) will have to make a new payment with the rates charged for those who haven't booked, or he can leave the queue, contact his company and change through the online procedure, the plate in the reservation before returning to the counter of the Check Point to collect the Permit.


Starting from September the 1st 2019, groups staying in the accommodation facilities of the city of Siena, have to apply exclusively through the structure itself for a discount on the rate for accessing the "ZTL Bus Turistici" (Limited traffic area for touristic buses). In order to obtain this discount, they must require the structure to make an online booking on their behalf from the websiteOnce accredited, the property's contact person must select a new reservation, carefully indicating if the request is of type P or H and must make the reservation with the data relating to the Bus. Type P requests offer the possibility for the Bus to stop at the Fagiolone car park and to make further berths for intermediate transits, for the entire duration of its stay. Requests of type H include only the docking for unloading/loading passengers and luggage for the days of arrival and departure of the group. In this case, the Bus will not be able to stop at the Fagiolone car park, or make further intermediate berths; for H requests, the software will automatically indicate the closest berth at the accommodation facility or the private residence if the hotel is endowed with it. The structure must also specify the name of the group and the number of people staying in the chosen accommodation facility. The Contact person, after confirming the data entered, must complete the entry to receive, by email, the booking voucher that must necessarily be forwarded to the carrier / travel agency, so that it can be handed over to our staff at the Check Point at the time of withdrawal of the access permit to the ZTL Bus Turistici. In addition to the voucher, the email message will also contain a link to make the online payment for the booking. For groups that apply for the P permit and make the reservation using the online payment, the rate in high season is €60.00 for the entire period of stay, while for groups that have decided to pay directly at the Check Point, the rate in high season from September the 1st, 2019 will be €75.00.Unlike during the low season, or if the Bus only transits for unloading and reloading passengers and luggage, without further intermediate transits or stopping at the private residences of the accommodation facilities that are equipped with it, the H permit to be collected at the Check Point in order to allow access to the ZTL Bus Turistici is free of charge. The request must be made at least ONE day before the group's arrival. Until the moment of the printing of the Permit that will be made at the Check Point, the reservation can be modified within the limits of availability, but the changes can only be made online by the Applicant who can change the data relating to the berth, time of arrival and departure, the license plate of the vehicle and the number of participants. Once the Permit has been printed, it will no longer be possible to modify anything.


Where to collect permits

The access permit to the ZTL Bus Turistici will be available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the day of arrival at the Check Point "Fagiolone" and must be visibly displayed on the windscreen of the bus.



For the registration:


To continue with the bookings:



THOSE WHO BOOK and pay online (exclusively by credit card), will spend in high season € 130.00 for the first day and € 70.00 for each day thereafter, while in low season € 105.00 for the first day and € 55.00 for each day thereafter.

THOSE THAT DOES NOT BOOK and arrive directly at the Check Point, will pay € 160.00 for the first day and € 85.00 for each day thereafter in high season (from February the 16th to November the 15th) while in low season (from November the 16th to February the 15th), the rates drop to € 130.00 for the first day and € 70.00 for each day thereafter. The amounts are VAT inclusive as required by law.

For everyone is available €10.00 discount, valid both in high and low season, from day 4 and the following.



HIGH SEASON (February the 16th - November the 15th):

PERMIT "P":transit in the ZTL Bus and parking: € 60 for those who book online, € 75.00 for those who pay the Check Point for the entire time of stay.

PERMIT "H": free of charge just for arrival and departure without bus stop - without other intermediate transits in the Ztl Bus (the stop is only allowed at the hotel).


LOW SEASON (November the 16th - February the 15th):

ONLY PERMITTED "H": free transit and stop for the buses of the groups that stay in the accommodation facilities of the city of Siena.



UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

L’Organizzazione della Siena Parcheggi ha un sistema di Gestione per la Qualità Certificato da
Kiwa Cermet Italia S.p.A. secondo la norma UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 per la
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